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The Reason

Posted by Ann Janbay on March 20, 2012 at 7:15 AM

There is always a reason for everything in life. It all happens for a reason.

We might be surprised with the way we analyze  things, or may wake up one day thinking how did I get here why do I feel the way I do, how did I become so numb. Looking back can help us visualize exactly how, when and where did it all start. 

When we are happy in love or have achieved a certain goal we surely have no problem of taking shots of ourselves being all happy and celebrating life, then we realize that it has been ages since we took or thought of taking a picture of ourselves with him or her.

At times taking shots of our surroundings and other people going through their daily routines doing what we all do or did. It seems way more interesting than visualizing what's going on with oneself.

It's been a while since we were interested in us. The reason is we don't want to freeze any of these moments as for us whenever  we do we don't see ourselves it's like looking at someone else, that is not me in the picture as simple as that.

And it does apply to everyone we all go through phases that may portray this other person that we are not familiar with or can't see through. That may frustrate us thinking we chose the wrong photographer or at that day we weren't looking as good and fresh as we always do. We tend to come up with so many excuses but ....

... these are all excuses to cover up what the REAL reason is. The reason is that it's really not you. You simply don't see this person when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your image is portraying your inner self, whom in reality feels a certain way. That is why you look like a totally  different person in your picture.

It is always good to take shots of ourselves and surroundings continously not once in a blue moon this helps us trace back how it all started, by understaning the reason we can find the best way for understaning ourselves.

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