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Posted by Ann Janbay on November 7, 2011 at 1:00 AM

At times it seems that I'm losing me as crazy as it may sound but it's true, there are times when the real you is hard to follow, it's like a shadow that is on the verge of fading for good making you run after to catch up or maybe to have a closer look for a reminder.

What makes us unique is our idenitity, keeping it is a tough procedure, it may leed to disappointments, losses, and many more. It's a continous battle within. Many of us don't realize the major change in themselves throughout the years.

Looking at photos may bring that up, you'll be looking with a sigh...oh look at me there I was happy, I had plans, I was optimistic and so on. If asked what happened the reply would be; oh I was young and stupid back then.

No, that is not it, you lost the battle, or maybe haven't realized you were in one in the first place. You lived your life according to others and circumstances, you simply lost your identity.

When looking at photos from the past I do see changes in me look wise but I love it. Even images of my surrounding are different but that is only because of locations and emotional impacts.

When I'm in love I see lovers everywhere, when I'm discovering I end up with a portfolio af an archticture, images of alleys, streets, buildings etc.

Knowing how I was back then and how I am now,  I'm still the same person I act & react the same. I'm still in search for the perfect place, which I know that I might die before saying this is it. :) But that's what keeps me going.

Having the belief in oneself gives us the ability to maintain our precious identity which without we are no one unfortunately that's a fact. Images of ourselves and surroundings reminds us of who we really are helping us to guard our identity.

The battle should always be on whenever needed even if it seem that it's fading away at times.

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6:12 AM on November 8, 2011 
I meant you found it already :)